This Too Will End 

What do winter and the Covid 19 pandemic have in common?  They both seem like they will last forever.  But we all know both will end, I promise.  Here in St. Louis we can walk outside, using social distancing, and as I take full advantage of this escape, I notice the flowers are blooming and the grass is greening up.  These photos are taken around my neighborhood within the last few days and I’m including them to cheer you up!

Here are a few Winter/Covid 19 suggestions I pass along:

--Think about taking time for yourself.  Read a book you have left sitting on your shelf.  I just finished “Hedy’s Folly” about Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr, who patented a communications system between torpedoes and submarines during WWII.  With her co-inventor, George Antheil, an accomplished movie music composer, they collaborated to protect communications from enemy jamming.  Today, this invention is integral to bluetooth, GPS devices and wireless phones.  Who knew??

--Get in the kitchen and create some recipe you have always wanted to make.  We lived in Springfield, IL for a couple of years and Lincoln is still a powerful force there.  For more than 20 years, I have toted around with me a “Land of Lincoln” cookbook with an honest to goodness recipe from Mary Todd Lincoln for white cake.  So I bought the ingredients and baked it up.  Delicious, but I now understand why cake mixes were invented.

--If you are an extravert, beware, this isolation may be tough for you.  Reach out and call or text your friends; use Zoom or Facebook; schedule group calls and have a virtual happy hour or dance party.  Why not?  These are strange times, so the rules are loosened, 

This post has little to do with mediation, but … hey, we all need a break!


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