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Virtual Mediation Technology Glitches

We are soooooooooo dependent upon our technology during this pandemic. Most of my communication with co-workers and attorney-colleagues is through email and text.
Even phone calls with my smart phone (which sometimes seems too smart… like creepy smart) have become complicated when I use my Bluetooth earpiece and it seizes the call whether I want it to or not.
At my house, I play music using “Hey Google” and I joke that you need an Engineering degree to turn on the television.
Just like the rest of the world, mediation and arbitration have become even more dependent upon technology during the pandemic.We are mediating and arbitrating using ZOOM, attaching special cameras to our computers and learning all about Breakout Rooms and Chat Boxes. Which is honestly great – I love learning new things and trying them out on unsuspecting victi … uh, I mean attorneys.But what happens when our tools fail just as we are set to begin using virtual technology professionally?This exact scenario happened …